April 2nd, 2023, was a day that I will remember forever. It was my honor and privilege to be joined by so many friends, family, colleagues, and community members to celebrate not only being in Wichita for 30 years, but also announcing my candidacy for Mayor. It was truly an awe-inspiring day as some of my mentors and closest friends like Larry Hatteberg, Juanetta Everett, Pete Meitzner, and others took the stage to assist me in telling not only my story, but Wichita’s story. 

We had a diverse group of people and they all had one thing in common – they love Wichita. Everyone who spoke talked about how welcoming, caring, passionate, and inclusive the city of Wichita is. They told us stories about their families coming to Wichita and starting their lives, growing their families, and starting businesses or careers. They talked about the perseverance and grit they see in Wichitans and the path they want to see our city take. They know it’s time for a change and a fresh perspective. Wichita deserves a mayor that will be an ambassador, build bridges, and cultivate relationships with businesses locally and regionally to bring and retain talent to our city.

That day we all came together not as Republicans or Democrats. Not as East and West siders. Not as government and citizens, but as Wichitans. We came together to prove that our city deserves to be united. We are better together. And we are ALL FOR WICHITA!

Thank you to everyone who joined us that day as we celebrated a milestone in my family’s life and the new path I am embarking on.